Free Public Affairs Forward Look?

Would you like a complimentary Political & Public Affairs Forward Look?

When we cast our minds back to the beginning of 2012 it is difficult to imagine predicting the events that followed. The circumstances that led to the fallout from last March’s Budget, the collapse of House of Lords’ reform before the first legislative hurdle and how the Olympic and Paralympics Games change the mood of the nation and perception of our country abroad. I could go on.

So we have developed a forward look sticking to what is known to us and what is planned for in the next six months, setting out:

  • The key events for the next six months;
  • The projects being undertaken by the main think tanks;
  • Potential key Whitehall announcements; and,
  • Providing a stock take of current parliamentary business.

Even so, circumstances will change and in drawing on publicly available material we rely upon the quality of the information published by Government and others. So what has been produced is an indicative guide rather than a ‘set in stone’ route map.

The focus is on domestic affairs (with some notable exceptions) and we have not covered the devolved administrations.

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